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The Jug Band for the Millenium

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Birdies at Gerdes - 1965
Birdies at Gerdes - 1965
Here's a shot of the original Dirdy Birdies at Gerde's Folk City in 1965. Folk City was a club in Greenwich Village that featured all the major folk acts of the '60s, including The Jug Band for The Millennium. We played there throughout college, often just showing up on a whim, and we were always welcomed by all the folks who worked there, especially Mike Porco, the owner. Mike couldn't quite figure out what we were doing, but he appreciated the fact that people drank lots of beer while we were doing it.

Gerde's was the first place in NYC that Bob Dylan played; it was on the corner of Mercer and (Positively) 4th Street. Simon and Garfunkel also played there. We played alongside John Hammond, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, and a bunch of others.

Check out much younger versions of what you'll see on stage today: Jack Pignatello on bass, Rich Fedorchak on washboard, Barbara Brummer strumming the uke, Joe Kloza doing vocals, Dick Finn on banjo, and Tony Muller on guitar.

Jack and Domenick Another person we met at that point was Domenick Chianese, who was the emcee at the club. Domenick remains a friend to this day; as an actor, you may know him as Johnny Ola, from The Godfather Part II, and a bunch of other character roles throughout the years. Look for him as Uncle Junior in The Sopranos, a new HBO series that's a big hit all over the place. Here's a picture of Domenick and me outside The Museum of Television and Radio in NYC.

Maria Muldaur

Maria Muldaur - Just Because

Maria Muldaur was a member of The Even Dozen Jug Band in the early 60's, a member of The Jim Kweskin Jug Band in the late 60's and remains today one of the finest blues singers around. Her picture is here, just because. For more info on Maria, look here.

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