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The Jug Band for the Millenium

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Perhaps this page should be titled

Fun Stuff For Sale,

since this is the place where you'll find Birdie memorabilia of all kinds. Looking for a keychain for that special someone? Or how about a Birdie tattoo - the gift that gives forever. T-shirts, sunglasses, shot glasses and magic 8-balls. You name it, we've got it. Everything for the discriminating collector.

This edition of The Birdies Web Page features...

This is the first 'official' release by the Jug Band For The Millennium! Over the years, however, there have been many bootleg recordings, most of which were gladly promoted by the band. In fact, it was The Birdies who inspired Jerry Garcia to start encouraging Deadheads to freely record Grateful Dead concerts. This was after Jerry saw thousands of Birdbrains holding cassette recorders aloft at the original Woodstock during the infamous 'Birdie Blackout' performances.

Birdie aficionados remember that the festival was scheduled to close with a set by The Dirdy Birdies Jug Band, but the rain, thunder and lousy weather took out the power, and as luck would have it, only the first few rows of attendees were able to appreciate the Birdie performance. No authorized recordings or film exists, except by those few thousand people who had the foresight to bring tape recorders or 8mm cameras.

Look over to the left. Click on the orange button. It's a small sample from Endangered Species. It's called Duncan and Brady, sort of the Stagger Lee of jug band music. It's 300k, so it might take a moment. How about it...have you heard it yet?

No? Well, if you can't wait, perhaps you should just take our word for it and buy a copy of the entire CD, just like David Hayward from Oregon did. Thanks David!

Here's how David did it...


Endangered Species cover Dirdy Birdies Jug Band - Endangered Species

Guano Records is proud to present this exciting compilation of all your favorites from

Selections include:

Let's All Sing Zen Gospel Singing
Looking Good Ballad of Amelia Earhart
Overseas Stomp Duncan and Brady
Back Door Blues Beans Taste Fine
Wild About My Loving Tequila and Me
Empty Boudoir Blues Give to the Cause
Standing on a Rock Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

To order, send a check for $12.00 for each CD, or $10.00 for each cassette, plus $3.00 postage to:

162 Newark Ave.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003


It was 20 years ago today....

When the Dirdy Birdies toured the United Kingdom in June of 1987, it was the 20th anniversary of the release of Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and many of our audiences remarked that it was somehow appropriate, since we set music back 20 years.

Well, it hasn't been 20 years since then, but it has been 10, so we felt that it would be appropriate to finally release the tape that many Birdbrains felt was long lost... Jugs Across the Sea: the 1987 World Tour.

Yes friends, here it is in all it's glory, rescued from the dustbin of history by none other than Francis Ford Effastoppa, the famous enfant terrible of Italian cinema, who has made his technique of 'partiafocs' (meaning 'sometimes in focus') part of the language of cinema.

About eight years ago, Effastoppa learned about the box of Birdie tapes that had been languishing in the vaults at 20th Century Fox Studios. He was between epics at the time, having just finished The Son-in-Law, Part IX, starring his great-grandson, Baciagalupe. He took one look at the tapes and decided that they should be edited into a cohesive unit, and here we are, only eight years later, and this new underground hit is playing at Film Forum in New York, opening to rave reviews.

tapes Now it's available to you...a 10-minute chronicle of the Birdies' triumphant tour of the UK. Stops in Wales, Darlington, Oxford and London are featured, along with interviews with the band and civilians we met along the way.

It's being offered by Guano Video Productions. The cost? A mere $15.00 including postage. Don't forget, this is not available in rental stores anywhere, so act now!

View the Video... Click your choice below

Quick Time 28.8k | Quick Time 56k |

To order, send a check for $15.00, which includes postage to:
162 Newark Ave.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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Last Updated: April 15, 2003