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The Jug Band for the Millenium

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Big Break Archive
The Big Break

Part 2

Rockfest So, when we last left this chapter of the Birdie Chronicles, we had just received a telegram from Cousin Brucie announcing the fact that we'd just been accepted into the finals of The Big Break.

One of the rules of the contest was that the finalists would have a certain amount of time to perform (10 minutes, if I remember correctly). At some point during that period of time, each group (or combo, as this article from The Daily News describes us) would have to perform an original tune. This left us in a bit of a dilemma, since none of the Birdies wrote songs. Jack Carone to the rescue. Jack was a friend of ours from Montclair State who was a real musician. He wrote his own stuff, played great guitar, and did some session work in New York City. He had a whole notebook filled with original stuff, and offered us a song called Extrasensibility. It was perfect for us. Here's the chorus:

Extrasensibility that's me;
I'm as good as good as good as I can be.
I am perfect that's no lie,
there is no one good as I,
I am full of extrasensibility.

You get the picture...anyway, we spent the next few weeks turning this novelty rock and roll song into a jug band song. And in addition, we had to decide on what else we were going to do. And of course, what to wear. After all, this was the 60's, and bands were long past dressing in matching sweaters. It was also the time of a very unfortunate fashion fad...the Nehru jacket. Yes friends, the Big Break would be the first (and last) opportunity for the world to see at least some of the Birdies under the influence of the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi, in outfits we made ourselves.

After that momentous decision had been made, we then went back to the music. We found that we could do our first choice, Blues My Naughty Sweetie and Extrasensibility in much less than 10 minutes, so we decided to add Little Sweethearts of The Ozarks to the set. And as an extra visual treat, we decided to strew the audience with flower petals during the finale. (If you know the song, it all makes sense, and after all, we're talking Flower Power here, right?). All this music, theater and vaudeville added up to a power-packed 10 minutes of show business.

Big Break Ticket Next, we were informed that the date of the momentous concert would be Saturday, January 13, 1968. Here's one of the tickets for the event. As you can see from the ticket, it was only a buck to get in...definitely the entertainment deal of 1968!

After what seemed like months of rehearsing the 10-minute set, the day finally arrived. We went big deal that day, and accepted an offer from a student named Morry, who had offered to photograph us that day. Somewhere, we have a pile of those photos, and in the next installment of The Big Break, I hope to have them posted for you. The Big Break ProgramIn the meantime, here's the cover of the official Big Break program.

See you next time!

...to be continued. (hey...this is entertainment, just like the tube. We don't want to give you the whole story at once, now do we?) The next part of The Big Break story reveals, among other things, who really shot JR! And there'll be more pictures and memorabilia! So don't miss it in the next update of The DIRDY BIRDIES Jug Band Web Site!

To see previous chapters of The Big Break, click the green Big Break Archives button over on the left navigation bar.

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