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Also Worth The Wait!

If nothing else, 2005 will be remembered for two momentous events...Ringo Starr turned 65, and The Bear returned to the stage with The Dirdy Birdies!

Yes friends, after a long wait, Tony Muller, looking a lot like Burl Ives, came back from the paw-paw patch, and returned for a triumphant performance at Sussex County College in Newton, NJ.

Pix from the Show!

For those of you who are uninformed about the history of the band, Tony was the original guitar player for The Birdies, and started out with us in 1965, when we were all young sprouts. Some of our early highlights featured Bear, including performances at Gerde's Folk City, and our win at WABC Radio's The Big Break.
If you peruse other parts of our website, you'll see some early pictures of the band, which were taken at Bears house, and also a letter from one of Bear's cousins, who went on to become a member of Shania Twain's band.

Bear left us soon after we left Montclair State (the details are better left alone), had a successful teaching career in New Jersey, and then retired to Florida with his wife Marguerite, where he now runs the shuffleboard competition at Del Boca Vista, Unit 3. He left behind children and grandchildren, and a bunch of friends...all of whom showed up for the gig, and all of whom now have actual proof that the stories he's been telling all these years were at least partially true! Welcome back Bear...although Florida's a long way from NJ, you're always welcome!

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Last Updated: August 16, 2005