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The Jug Band for the Millenium

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About Us

CHAPTER 3...The Legend Grows!

In 1972, after personnel changes, a name change, two world tours, twelve gold albums, several marriages, divorces, children, long distance moves, job and personal crises, the constant interference of Yoko Ono, and the anticipated break-up of AT&T, THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND quit playing, left the road, and did what four years of college had prepared them for - they all moved back in with their mothers. Even this final band activity exhibited the innovativeness that THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND had become known for - the trend of moving back in with your mother didn't make the cover of Time Magazine until 1980.


The ensuing 13 year hiatus was a painful one for both the band and their fans...

- Overseas, according to the New Musical Express, "...the break up of THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND was directly responsible for the return to nihilism in rock and roll, and, if the truth be known, the entire punk movement can be traced to this tragic event..."

- In the USSR, 1 square inch fragments of the bedsheets used by THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND during their 1970 European Tour replace blue jeans as the number one item on the black market.

Here at home, the decline of civilization was even more apparent...

- The Watergate hearings are brought to a standstill when the famous 17 minute gap in Rosemary Woods' tape is found to be, in actuality, a portion of "The Last Jug Band," the live album recorded by the Birdies during their farewell tour. In a related event, laser scanning and ultra slow motion analysis of the videotape of a Richard Nixon speech reveal that he actually said "I am not a jug."

- George Steinbrenner buys the New York Yankees.

- Adrienne Barbeau stars in "Swamp Thing," thus ending a once promising career as the first lady of American film.

...to be continued. Don't miss the next installment in the ongoing saga of The DIRDY BIRDIES Jug Band. Chapter 4 - Day Jobs! will be featured in the next update of The DIRDY BIRDIES Jug Band WebSite!

To see previous chapters of About Us, look at the About Us Archives over on the left navigation bar.

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Last Updated: April 15, 2003